Testing testing



A collection of personal work, including in-the-works board game, a logo for a fictional television network, typography experiments, and flash-based websites.




A board game currently in development featuring turn-based strategy, customizable armies of robots, and four-player no-holds-barred destruction.



Lemon Turkey

A logo as part of a student project for a fictional television channel celebrating all the best "turkey's" – bad movies and tv shows.




Created as an example for a series of typographic assignments on specific typefaces as part of Lara McCormick's book Playing With Type.



NYC Grows

A student website project featuring miscellaneous ways of experiencing New York City, including specific neighborhood illustrations and sound combinations.



Type Experiments

A couple of type experiments from over the years.



That's A Bad Monkey

Remember Flash?? This blast from the past showcases experimental, personal, and otherwise strange projects, and only very loosely monkey-themed.